About us

Many environmental protection projects require huge financial inputs, which often pose a threat to their success as viewed from an economic perspective.

Since it was founded in 1991, Zentex has been enabling projects to succeed both economically and ecologically. 

One of the areas of the company’s operations is the manufacture of devices for compacting waste materials at source. These include all types of hydraulic presses, including vertical and horizontal balers, press containers with capacities from 5 to 24 cubic metres, and stationary presses with replaceable containers up to 36 cubic metres. These devices can be used to compact recyclables such as cardboard, plastic sheet and PET bottles, as well as wet and dry waste intended for landfill. Compacting can reduce the original (loose) volume of wastes by 5 to 20 times, and it is in this way that our devices can help achieve ecological and economic success.

It is important for the environment to segregate waste materials at source to enable recycling. The economic advantage comes from the fact that compacting means fewer trips are required to transport the waste, thus reducing the costs of these unavoidable operations. In a sense this economic advantage is also an ecological one, since fewer vehicle journeys mean reduced exhaust emissions on a global level.

Zentex’s customers include retail chains like Auchan, Carrefour, Kaufland and Tesco, recycling companies such as Stena, and municipal waste handlers such as Remondis, Veolia, Sita, Alba Group and many local firms. For the last mentioned, Zentex offers transfer stations, where locally collected waste can be compacted in our devices before being transported (by vehicles with trailers) to landfill sites, which are now frequently located a long distance from towns. This solution enables fuller use to be made of the vehicles operating locally, and very significantly reduces costs of transportation to landfill. “Flagship” solutions include those used by the Kalisz firms EKO and PUK, and by MZGK Śrem. Similar but more advanced solutions include points where our devices are used for the transportation of alternative fuels, a sector that has exceptional potential in Poland and worldwide, since every portion of waste represents kilojoules of pure energy – the transportation of such fuels can hardly be allowed to consume more energy than the fuels supply, hence the absolute requirement at the present time for these wastes to be compacted. For all of these reasons, Zentex is continuously developing its technologies and also expanding its overall productive capacity to meet market demand.

As a company that has “come of age” after 18 years, Zentex does not limit itself to serving only the Polish market. We have major customers in countries including Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, the Baltic States, Germany, the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. It is in ecologically developed countries like Sweden and Switzerland that we learn how to design, produce and market devices in Poland so as to achieve the desired results. Outside Europe we also deliver to countries in North Africa and the Middle East. There, in countries where ecological solutions, though a novelty, are becoming essential, we see a very large potential market for our products, knowledge and experience, and we are already welcomed there.